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Recovery Housing in Colorado

Recovery housing for women in Denver is available for those who need additional assistance once they have completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program. It might also be a great fit for someone in IOP or outpatient treatment.  Either way, recovery housing is an excellent opportunity for women to obtain an additional level of support as they strive to meet their recovery goals.

Quite often, women in recovery find that they’re not quite ready to transition back into their former living environment after they have completed an inpatient stay. This is true regardless of the quality of the treatment they received. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs generally offer a 30-day treatment program, and this is usually not enough time to facilitate a long-term recovery. For this reason, recovery housing exists as a way to transition patients back into the community and provide them with the ongoing treatment they need, and we recommend recovery housing here at Denver Women’s Recovery.

Recovery Housing in Denver, Colorado Offers Hope for Women

If you’re a woman who has just completed, or is almost finished with an inpatient addiction treatment program, the thought of going back to your normal way of life may be a bit scary to you. You may be concerned that you will relapse back into your addiction, and it’s possible that your currently living situation is not something that will allow you to remain living sober for very long.

There are so many women who feel the same way, and for them, finishing an inpatient program only means being returned to the same old behaviors they were exhibiting prior to getting addiction help. This is a problem that stands in the way of so many women receiving the help they need for their substance abuse problems.

Recovery housing effectively offers a solution that so many women are in need of. It provides them with a method of transitioning back into life within the community while offering them the continued addiction treatment they need at the same time. This restores hope in so many women who thought that long-term recovery was out of reach for them.

The Benefits of Step Down Treatment as Your After-care in CO

During your stay in a recovery house, you’ll also be participating in IOP (intensive outpatient treatment) as a part of your after-care. This is a form of step down treatment for addictions that many women need after completing inpatient treatment.

During your IOP treatment, you will continue the work you started in inpatient treatment regarding your addiction. You will concentrate on working with a therapist during individual therapy sessions, meeting with a support group for group therapy and 12 Step programs.

Qualities of the Best Sober Living

Homes in Denver, CO

When you’re searching for sober housing in Denver, it’s important for you to know what to look for. You want to be sure you’re getting the best treatment available, and it helps to know what qualities are desirable.

With Denver Women’s Recovery, we can help you find the best sober living or recovery housing program. In fact, we are confident you that you’ll enjoy the time you spend in a sober living program, and you’ll reap the benefits of being a part of a community that has been proven to be effective for so many women in the past.

You should look for:

  • Group housing that offers a supportive community environment
  • Sober living that is combined with an effective IOP program
  • Sober housing that offers you a measurable way to track your progress
  • A program that will offer you case management services
  • Sober living that requires you to participate for at least ninety days, but recommends a longer length of stay
  • A program that will provide you with drug and alcohol testing services to help you stay accountable to the program and your recovery.

Will Your Health Insurance Cover Sober Living Homes in Colorado?

If you have recently completed an inpatient treatment program, you may be feeling a bit nervous about what you will need to pay in order to go to a sober living program that includes IOP treatment. In fact, many women just decide not to get more information about it because they’re sure they will need to pay out of pocket. Fortunately, that probably isn’t the case.

Your health insurance company may not cover your stay in sober housing, but will often cover most of the costs of clinical services. Because of recent changes in our country’s healthcare laws, health insurance companies are now required to provide their customers with these benefits.

Of course, every health insurance company is different, so it’s important for you to have your benefits verified prior to getting started with your sober living program and treatment. At Denver Women’s Recovery, we can take care of that process for you, and that way, you will know exactly what you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

Do You Need Sober Recovery? Choose Denver Women’s Recovery

You’re not alone if you’re in need of a sober living environment as you navigate this next phase of your recovery. So many women find that they need additional support, and without it, they are much more likely to relapse back into their addictions. There are so many sober living homes in Denver, Colorado, but here at Denver Women’s Recovery, we offer a luxury housing experience that will ensure that you’ll feel right at home from the moment you walk through the doors.

Living sober is certainly a challenge, but it’s a challenge that is much easier to overcome when you are equipped for it properly. Your after-care matters. Your recovery matters. Sober living is an option that’s available to you that can provide you with the help you need to stay in recovery, and continue receiving the transitional treatment you need for your addiction.

Would you like to get more information about recovery housing in Denver, Colorado at Denver Women’s Recovery? Please contact us today to learn more.

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