Blackouts When Drinking: What They Are, Why They Happen, and 7 Signs It’s Time to Quit Drinking

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Perhaps you're familiar with the following scenario: you’re out on the town with the girls. You go out for drinks. You start to dance, and you continue to drink as the night goes on. Before you know it, you’ve had a couple more drinks than you’d anticipated. You write it off as no big deal and continue to enjoy yourself. You wake up in the morning and are immediately faced with the memories of all [...]


Am I Addicted? 24 Signs of Alcoholism in Women

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It’s important to know the signs of alcoholism in women if you suspect someone you love is in trouble. The problem is bigger than you might think. There are an estimated 15 million alcoholics or alcohol abusers in the US. Women make up about 4.6 million of that number. A publication from the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA) called Alcohol: A Women’s Health Issue, states that heavy drinking and binge drinking is becoming [...]


Alcohol Poisoning: 5 Clear Signs

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Alcohol poisoning is much more deadly than you'd think. On average, 6 Americans a day die from alcohol poisoning. That's not a small sum. Non-hispanic white men between the ages of 35 and 64 years old have a higher risk of dying from an overdose than any other demographic. Many people don't know the limits of their body. As a result, they might drink too much booze, like wine, beer, cocktail or hard liquor. They [...]


Five Things I Adore About Being a Sober Woman, Wife, Mom, Daughter and Friend

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I’m April – A Recovering Addict, Wife, Mom, Daughter, And Friend Hi, my name is April and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. On July 7, 2018, I will have seven years of sobriety – thanks be to my Higher Power, whom I choose to call “God.” I am truly grateful to be sober today. I have an amazing life and the people who love me tell me I am an amazing woman. I [...]


What Alcohol Withdrawal is Like for Women vs Men?

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Alcohol withdrawal affects everyone differently. The withdrawal of alcohol depends on how long the drinking problem has occurred and how much alcohol has been consumed. The withdrawal symptoms can be anything from mild to severe. It can also differ between the sexes. When they are severe, the symptoms can be deadly. Men and women process alcohol in the body differently. This is why alcohol withdrawal will differ as well. The effects of alcoholism has detrimental [...]


10 Tips for Handling a DUI in Colorado

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When you’ve been caught drinking and driving, you’ll want to know how to handle a DUI. First, it’s important to address that you may have a problem with alcohol if you’re driving under the influence in the first place. Regardless of the outcome of your DUI, you may want to look into getting treatment to avoid this problem in the future. In Colorado, there are two different levels of drinking and driving related offenses. They [...]


My Path to Freedom: A Mom’s Recovery From Alcoholism

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It wasn’t until getting sober that I realized how my drinking affected my children, whether or not I was present. Alcohol. It was always around from the time I was a little girl. My father spent evenings in his armchair in front of the television. My job was to fetch him a new beer from the fridge each time he was almost done with his last one. I pretended I was a waitress, running between [...]


Alcohol’s Effects on Women’s Health

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Alcohol affects men and women differently from a biological perspective. What are some health concerns for women when it comes to alcohol intake? It’s widely understood that women have a lower overall tolerance for alcohol than men do. Men often need to drink more than women in order to achieve the same result. Some may think that it is simply a sexist assumption. However, research has revealed biological differences between the sexes that show men’s [...]


The Astonishing Truth About Alcoholics Anonymous

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No one was as surprised about the truth behind Alcoholics Anonymous as I was. I remember the moment I was told that I needed to go to an AA meeting. I can also remember when I was told I needed to keep going back. That wasn’t something I wanted to do at all. Alcoholics Anonymous was for people who couldn’t control their alcohol intake. It wasn’t for people like me. I knew how much I drank, [...]


Alcoholic Hepatitis Risk in Women

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The alcoholic hepatitis risk in women is much higher than it is in men. This is due to a number of factors. If you are a woman who is an alcoholic, you need to be aware of the dangers. It is extremely dangerous to continue to drink alcohol. In doing so, you put yourself at great risk for many diseases. Among these diseases is alcoholic hepatitis.   What is Alcoholic Hepatitis? Alcoholic hepatitis is a condition [...]