Seven Of the Most Commonly Abused Substances Women Use in Colorado

2017-04-28T15:04:47+00:00May 20th, 2017|Addiction Information, Drug Trends, Statistics & Research|

Women in Colorado who are involved in substance abuse are typically using these seven substances. While alcohol is the most commonly used substance in Colorado, marijuana comes in at a close second. Heroin and other opioid indicators ranked high as well and is seeing an increase year after year. Women who are using or abusing the following substances are at a high risk for varying social problems like unplanned pregnancy, child abuse, car accidents and crime [...]


8 Reasons Why Being a Sober Woman Will Change Your Life for the Better

2018-12-30T19:07:56+00:00May 1st, 2017|Recovery|

Being a sober woman comes with some large benefits that maybe you can’t see in your present moment. While you can appreciate some of the obvious positive changes that will occur, there are some smaller nuances that will surprise you. The initial elation of a life with no hangovers, no more chains that bind you, no more booze blues and no more addiction related mistakes is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Once you treat your addiction, [...]